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Core Contract Pack


Comes with lifetime updates, and access to any additional content created to expand these contracts.
Access to tutorial videos as they come available.
This package is intended to give you a  jumpstart on the contract development process. Once you access these documents you can be up and running within an hour. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution.
Every business and area has unique challenges, risks, and laws associated with it. You will need to edit these to suit your particular needs. This is why we have created it in Google Docs, to ensure you have the ability to edit, change and format these contracts to your exact specifications. You will need to review your local laws and bylaws.


Have you been burned by a client? Maybe it was a subcontractor or even a general contractor.  I constantly hear stories about terrible clients, subcontractors being screwed over by General Contractors, General Contractors absolutely fed up with subcontractors and no one having any real recourse when the job goes sideways.

This is why we have spent the last four years and hundreds of hours writing, revising and testing our contracts. We have asked hundreds of clients to read the contract and give us feedback as well. To date, we have run over 2.25 million in revenue and hundreds of projects through our contracts.  And those we have worked with have run another several million through the same contracts. Our contracts have saved us thousands and helped us earn thousands extra on jobs. 

The contract is a cornerstone of every contracting business, this is why we have built 6 core contracts. 

  • General Contract
  • Cost plus Contract
  • Formal Proposal 
  • Change Order
  • Completion Document
  • Subcontractor Contract

Each contract plays a pivotal role in your business. We developed each one to help you guide your clients through your process and to keep you in control. 

These contracts are simple to use, simple to edit and customize. They act as the foundation to protect both you and the client. And help to avoid serious costly issues and possible lawsuits.

Stop putting your business at risk today. It’s only a matter of time before not having a quality contract will catch up with you. 

General Contract

It is important to understand that a contract is only as good as the person using it. If you don’t use it or don’t take the time to correctly fill it out, it will fail you. You can never have too much information or be too specific when filling out a contract. 

The General contact lays out a number of items; 

  • Who is the contract between, ensure that all decision makers or people on title are added to this section.
  • Date of service and the estimated time of completion
  • Description of work
  • Contractors responsibilities
  • Clients Responsibilities
  • Cancellations
  • Default by contractor
  • General Contract items
  • Fee schedule
  • Additional invoice procedures
  • Completion Criteria

Change orders

Each of these sections has been crafted to ensure that you have maximum control, and to set the ground rules and expectations for your clients. 

Cost Plus Contract 

This contract includes everything that is in your General contract with a few added items in the invoicing section. This contract used in conjunction with the subcontractor contract is a very powerful tool to ensure there are no big questions about price at the end of the project. 

Formal Proposal 

The formal proposal states that it is not a binding contract, it is however a document that you can use when creating an estimate. It is important to ensure that your estimates are not binding. We have all had a client give us a scope of work and ask for a quote, we in turn offer an off the cuff estimate and this is the start of communication breakdown. By using this document you can take a few minutes to fill out the items. Get what you are estimating in writing, and begin to work towards a clear understanding of what is going to be delivered. 

Change Order

The change order only works if you use it. It also only works well, when you have spent the time to very clearly communicate the scope of work that is to be delivered. Any time the client changes anything, or adds to the scope, a change order is required. By doing this you eliminate the questions about extra fees at the end of the job. You also protect yourself from delivering work for free.  Your time is your most valuable asset in your business. Use the change order to protect your time and ensure you are maximizing billable hours.

The Completion Document

This  Contract is an acknowledgement by the client that you have reached substantial completion and that they can no longer hold out from paying you the final draw. This document works with the Completion criteria section outlined in the general and cost plus contract. By having the client fill this out you are protecting yourself from the client that never seems to pay their final bill. We also have stipulations for how long they have to report deficiencies and how to submit them. We also stipulate that a deficiency is not grounds to hold funds. There is nothing worse than not being able to collect a check for thousands of dollars because someone missed some caulking in the back of a closet.  Put an end to these costly delays in payment by using our completion document. 

Subcontractor Contract

If you are a General contractor or hire third-party companies this contract will ensure you are protected and in control of quality, managing losses and holding trades accountable for their time on your site. 

This contract covers items like;

  • Insurance
  • Protecting you from a subcontractor trying to sue you
  • Warranties
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Cost plus contract
  • Dealing with clients
  • Taking on side work or cash work
  • Poaching clients
  • Communicating between the subcontractor and the General Contractor. 

Being able to hold our subcontractors accountable is key to the success of a contractor and saves on costly profit-eating expenses. By using our contracts you reduce your risk and can ensure you have the resources at your disposal to ensure you leave the clients happy regardless of what your subcontractors try to pull. 

Disclaimer, it is important that you review the laws and bylaws of your local work area to ensure that your contract falls within those governing laws. These contracts have been developed to give you a huge head start, but it is up to you to ensure you are reviewing your contract constantly to add, delete or tweak them to fit your exact needs.  

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